of our white wines

In the same manner as our red wines, we put everything in place to reveal the white wine terroirs during the process of transforming the must into wine.

Depending on the cuvée, the Chardonnay or Pinot Blanc grapes are piled into the press as quickly as possible after they have been picked. The Chardonnay gives rise to such cuvées as Coteaux Bourguignons, Savigny-lès-Beaune and Morey-Saint-Denis La Bidaude.

While the Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Argillats is made from the Pinot blanc known as Pinot Gouges or albino Pinot noir. This grape came from a mutation of Pinot noir discovered in the 1930s by Henri Gouges in one of his plots.

Once the grapes have been pressed, the must is barrelled down after a brief passage in tank where it is cleaned of its impurities through the settling of the sediment. The alcoholic fermentation starts. It is carried out in 228 litre oak barrels, at low temperature to prioritise the fresh fruit expression. This fermentation activity happens across several months, lulled by the variations in autumn and winter temperatures. Then when the cellar warms up in the spring the alcoholic fermentation is completed and the malolactic gets under way. Thereafter all is calm in the barrels over the several more months in which the wine takes nourishment from its oaky cocoon, gaining spicy and toasted aromas.
A fining and a filtration complete the wine before bottling, which happens taking into account the lunar calendar.

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