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Our Domaine moved towards organic viticulture during the 2000s. To bring clarity to our techniques of viticulture and vinification, we engaged in the process of ECOCERT accreditation in 2009, becoming certified in 2012.

Being familiar with practices which respect organic life, we have tended our vines in the direction of more autonomy. We support them, and encourage them each year to reinforce their natural defences while preserving the environment. To make this happen, anticipation is everything. We get ourselves prepared to apply prophylactic measures in our plots, to diminish diseases of the vine wood and the impact of pests and fungal attacks. So we prune the vines as nearas possible to the budding time, respect the sap flow, plough the surface of the soil, remove excess buds, deleaf and tie the canopy up to permit air and light to circulate, and to limit entanglements in the vegetation.

We take into account lunar cycles when we make these interventions. In fact, believing in the influence of the moon on plants, we work on the vines or their environment depending on whether it is a fruit, flower, root or leaf day. Treatments are also controlled and managed with forethought. We only use sulphur and copper to fight against cryptogamic diseases such as oidium or mildew.

As the harvest approaches, we taste the grapes in our different plots regularly, to decide on picking dates. This permits us to judge their ripeness. When the moment comes, the pickers advance, secateurs in hand, to pick the fruit which has been nurtured and cherished throughout the year.


Red wines

The directive in the winery is to make sure to tell the story of these grapes which have been picked when ripe. Like a biography, the wine speaks of the characteristics of Pinot Noir…


White wines

In the same manner as our red wines, we put everything in place to reveal the white wine terroirs during the process of transforming the must into wine…

Jean-Pierre Guyon

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